Stupendous Man (farmalloc) wrote,
Stupendous Man

My admin walked about the office and gave out postcards to everyone in the office. On the front of the postcard is a "funny car" with smoking tires superimposed over the red and white stripes of Old Glory. There is a picture of "Fast" Jack Beckman bordered by stamp perforations. My job is to fill in the back with heartfelt words that will be read by our troops in Iraq. Not sure what to write really. I am sitting here in my padded chair in front of a computer drinking coffee from a local roasted coffee shop made with a French press. While they are over there potentially dying so that I can live this relatively posh life. I was curious if they would be insulted by the stereotypical race car on the front, I certainly don’t like funny car racing and I am sure they all don’t either. But I guess it is like getting a birthday card with flowers and butterflies on it, I don’t really care too much about either of them but I am happy about the card. I am thinking I am going to write something to the effect of “Thank you” and “Come back soon”.
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