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I can see by the stock award email I just received that today is my anniversary working at MS. There is still one year left in that initial award so that means that it is my 4th year here. This has been the topic of much debate for me because I can never remember when I started here. So I went back to look it up. In Feb 2004 I was talking about my old job so I started in aught five for sure. I actually started as a contractor in June...I quit my old job because it was unpleasant. I was going to mooch off un-employment for the summer to decompress and ended up unintentionally getting a contract job at Microsoft. I was unemployed for only a couple of weeks. During that time I built my file server which is now defunct, started bird watching which has been put on hold and proposed to the love of my life. While searching around for my hire date I came across the following hidden post I made about proposing to Carol. I didn't even remember writing it, and don't recall the dream but I guess that is what journals are for.

I have decided I am going to pop the question to Carol. In fact I have even bought a ring. Well not really a ring so much as a diamond. I guess now-a-days you buy the diamond then they put it in a "solitar" setting. You use that to propose and then both go back and let her pick out the setting. So this whole diamond purchasing thing is new to me. And I know a lot more about it now than I would have ever wanted. But really what it came down to was getting a ring that looked the prettiest, that sparkled the most. The ring I got is by no means flawless but none are visible to the naked eye. These flaws made the diamond cheaper which is good seeing as I am unemployed now...but they didn't distract from the sparkliness of the diamond at all. In fact held side by side with a more flawless diamond it was more sparkly indicating the cut is better. OR something...regardless enough about diamonds.

I don't know really why I decided to do it. For the longest time I was waiting for something I don't really know what. I wasn't ready. But I started thinking about it more, and I guess the moment I felt ready was after a dream. In the dream I proposed to carol in exactly the same way I was thinking...and she was so happy and I was so happy. This dream was in general really happy. At one point I woke up and I saw carol looking at me with a huge smile. I thought for sure I was talking in my sleep and she heard the whole thing. I asked her if I had been talking in my sleep and she said no...I asked her why she was smiling so and she said because she was watching me sleep. She asked me what I was dreaming and I said it was a secret. I sure hope I didn't give it away in my sleep. But at that moment seeing her smiling like that and coming off the happy dream I knew I was ready.

Soon after I went and got the diamond. I have been feeling excited and nervous at the same time. Not the bad "it is not going to work out nervous" just the butterfly type. I was really dumb to get the ring over 2 weeks before I am going to pop the question....I am lible to get ulcers. Oh well...I have been giddy and I think me knowing the prospect of carol and I getting married has made me really happy. I want to be close to carol all the time...I miss her when she is away. All emotions that were there before but now much more passionately. I wonder if it will fade with time, I sure hope it doesn’t.

I need to hold it together for two weeks that is all just two weeks. Then I will have the greatest woman of all, and I will be the luckiest man alive.
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