Stupendous Man (farmalloc) wrote,
Stupendous Man

I had a peice of garbage between my bottom teeth. After I got it out I kept tounging at my teeth. Fast forward a day and the tip of my tounge is raw. Oops. Guess it is time for some sour-path kids.

I am going to re-finace my house because interest rates are so low now. Pretty exciting.

I got a new car last week.

My new role at work is looking good however there is no domain expert on the team and we are going to have to ramp up fast.

I havn't had time to ramp up because we had a short 2 week release planned on the product I have been working on. It is lame.

I have brewed a couple batches in the past month. Man beer prices are high.

Boring is me.
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