Stupendous Man (farmalloc) wrote,
Stupendous Man

Ammo for the comment spam

Whenever I make a post I end up getting several comments from bots that comment with garbage that I can't make sense of. Such is the price of allowing unrestricted comments.

Soooooo what is new. I spent last weekend sick and canning Pears. Carol and I got a little assembly line going and she helped alot. We plowed through about half of our pears and made Pear Jam, Sliced Pears in Light Syrup and Brandied Pears. We need to can the rest tonight or tomorrow or they will all be bad.

Big strides in the bathroom. I tore out the old shower with the help of carol. She sustained an injury that required 3 stitches at the local emergency room. I moved the showerhead into the tub, hung up the curtain and installed a shower caddy that I don't hate with every fiber of my being. So the only thing still left is the sink. I have a few coats of the SparVarnish but it is pretty toxic so finding time when I can kick Ella and Carol out of the house to throw on more coats it hard...particularly with the weather getting colder. I am about at the point where I just say it is good enough....ever time I look I see some little imperfection that requires another coat. Hopefully this weekend I can put in the sink.

Get er done!

Had my review at work and ended up leveling up which is sweet. I am now a SDE2 yay power and responsibility.

Time to go destroy Brian in Foozball.
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