Stupendous Man (farmalloc) wrote,
Stupendous Man

Social creature or creature of social

A few days into FB-less life...So far 3 people have noticed. baristababe, Kat, and Hein. Kat has been pleading with me to return because with Ian working she has no-one to talk to during the day and is bored. Hein tried to tag me at a gathering on Saturday which is why she discovered it. So I guess I am not really missed.

I have been spending more time doing work which is good. I practically ignore my phone now. (Maybe the FB phone wasn't such a bad idea after all). But I do miss seeing what is up with my friends and I do miss interacting with the people I did so with on there.

Moving into a social wasteland is a little odd after coming from FB. I don't feel as though I need to post something that will be interesting because very few will see it and if they find it dull it is not like it is taking up space on their feed.

So is it the validation I like? No.
Is it the "connection" with others? Partly...
I think it is mostly the distraction. I can leave for a few minutes..or get caught up something for hours. FB is the procrastinators godsend, and their nightmare.
I have had stints where I gave up FB at work...ultimately something draws me back in so given that I don't think this will be permanent...however being unplugged from the world is liberating and yet the fact no one misses me is humbling.
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