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So much to do so little time

Lives are marked by many events. The day you are born, your first kiss, the first time you saw StarWars, first job, first camera, marriage, children. I have another one of these days coming up in the next week. It is not an event that upon reflection you realize was important, it is an in your face game changer. With events like this I always take stock of my life, thinking that this will be a mark in my timeline and I will remeber at what state my life was. As a result I allways try to acomplish stuff before the event. My todo list grows and grows. While writing this I realized that this is silly. When I think back all my other "marked" dates and times in my life I don't recall what silly project was left unfinished or not started I just remeber the event and some happy things that surrounded it.

So while I still want to finish some stuff up...I don't think I am going to stress out so much about it.
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