Stupendous Man (farmalloc) wrote,
Stupendous Man

"I made a mistake, I screwed up"

Funny how those simple words make me love Obama even more. I remember a Bush v. Kerry town hall where one of the people asked what Bush mistakes bush had made during his first four years and what he had learned from them. The answer was him skirting around suggesting that his critics would say that Iraq was a mistake yadda yadda. When all was said and done Bush never admitted to making ANY mistakes. I loathed the man even more after that point. I always believed that our mistakes are what define us. More so the ability to recognize, acknowledge and learn from our mistakes. Here was the leader of our nation saying that he was perfect. I could have warmed up to the guy if he would have shown some notion that he wasn't a self-righteous pompous ass. He could have shown the world a human side. He could have made something up like "when I first moved into the white house the sink in Hoover room has the warm and cold reversed and I burned myself, but I learned and don't have that problem anymore." But instead he claimed to have never made a mistake. What is worse is that in the 8 years of his presidency I can't recall a time where he ever took responsibility for any screw-up. He must actually believe he was perfect. Now we are in the first month or the new administration and Obama has already admitted to a mistake. Unlike Bush he is human and makes mistakes. It is so nice to know that our President isn’t a cyborg.
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